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Where is R-Link being deployed to help ensure worker health and safety?

Reactec International Partner Programme

For over two decades, Reactec has been a trusted expert in HAVS throughout the UK - with over 140,000 workers using our technology to date. But our connected worker solutions for workplace health and safety are making an impact for organisations and workers across the globe, and for risk management outside of HAVS - including proximity warnings, noise and dust monitoring, and more

In this article, we’ll explore how Reactec is helping our partners around the world to bring R-Link to forward-thinking teams and workplaces dedicated to evolving their approach to risk management, and prioritising data-driven decision making through the adoption of a holistic approach to workplace risk management.

North America:

Levitt Safety
operates from 18 locations across Canada. Their vision is to make the country a safer place to live and work by offering a complete range of products, services, training, and equipment rental to businesses.

Reactec teamed up with Levitt Safety in 2022, ensuring that R-Link will be made available to workplaces throughout Canada to help teams solve their HAVS, proximity, and other risk management challenges. Canada has a comprehensive set of occupational health and safety regulations. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) asks that employers must have controls for vibration in the workplace, along with sets of standards that govern the control of hazards in the workplace, including proximity to plant and machines, exposure to noise, and lone working.

Through our partnership with Levitt Safety, Reactec is helping to ensure that organisations throughout Canada rise to the challenge of creating safer, healthier workplaces through the deployment of battle-tested technology that’s fast to deploy and easy to adopt.

Australia/New Zealand:

Since 2019, Reactec has worked with AES (Active Environmental Solutions) to bring R-Link to the Australian continent. AES is a specialist supplier of equipment to organisations dedicated to improving worker health and safety, and a major champion of Reactec’s connected worker technology, particularly in the areas of noise and dust, where both teams see great opportunity for future collaboration and innovation.

Australia places great emphasis on workplace risk management, and on using innovation to solve challenges related to workplace safety. Safe Work Australia is the body which sets forth policies related to workplace health and safety throughout the country, including policies covering HAVS, proximity to plant and hazards, and more.

With regards to confronting these challenges in a modern way, the landscape in Australia is poised - if not eager - to make the switch to a technology-driven approach:

“Digital transformation is about creating a new model for innovation across our business. In construction, given the challenges of connecting vast volumes of data and people, our focus of this change is on connection – connecting people, processes, data, workflows and project phases.”

Through our partnership with AES, Reactec is helping bring this vision to reality, by deploying R-Link, our third-generation workplace wearable technology, to workers and teams across the continent.


In South Africa, Sedulitas is an organisation with the sole aim of offering bespoke workplace solutions to workplace health and safety challenges. Reactec and Sedulitas work together to bring modern risk management solutions to South African teams and workers.

The South African regulatory landscape for health and safety is codified by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Studies surrounding HAVS in the country - particularly with regards to its prolific mining industry, but another workplace risk - proximity to hazards - is notoriously deadly in South Africa: in fact, nearly half the construction site fatalities in South Africa occur when a worker is struck by a vehicle or moving object.

The need for enhanced protection is clear, which makes Reactec’s partnership with Sedulitas a clear path toward progress in South Africa. With the distribution and deployment of R-Link on sites throughout the country, progress toward a more safe and sustainable work environment is gaining momentum.


Ergologik is one of Reactec’s partner-distributors in the Nordic countries, where a premium is placed on worker health and safety.

The Norway Working Environment Act governs health and safety regulations within Norway, and stipulates that safety devices must be utilised to protect employees from the effects of noise, vibration, and other potentially dangerous working situations.

Through our partnership with Ergologik, Reactec helps to ensure that workers in Nordic countries are protected from dangerous workplace risks.

Get Connected. Stay Protected.

Reactec is a partner for organisations of any size, all over the world. To learn more about how our team can help you adopt a connected worker philosophy that will help you prevent workplace health and safety issues - rather than simply mitigating them - just get in touch.

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