NIHL Prevention

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Prevention

Hands-free noise measurement and seamless data transfer is key to NIHL prevention

Key to establishing engineering, substitution or elimination controls around noise and hearing loss prevention is being able to accurately document exposure. Only then can you actively engineer out that risk.

The good news is that sensor technology is now so sophisticated it's easier than ever to do this in the workplace with a high degree of accuracy.

By collaborating with leading noise dosebadge suppliers, Reactec are able to bring your noise monitoring data seamlessly into a single analytics platform of multiple workplace risks - the Reactec Analytics.

Easy and effective noise monitoring

The result, a more convenient and accessible way to monitor, measure and control occupational noise, ensuring your workers aren't exposed to hazardous levels that could damage their hearing.

NIHL and the Hierarchy of Controls

Prevention engineering in the workplace

While there are many forms of PPE for hazardous noise they simply mitigate against the exposure risk and individuals may continue to take more risk than you would like.

Target your efforts

Reactec Analytics data enables you to strengthen your efforts and focus further up the hierarchy of controls targeting substitution and elimination for best return.


Using a dosebadge with Reactec Analytics

Effectiveness of controls

  • Automatic and seamless data collection and dissemination
  • Remove guesswork with real-time assessment of risk 
  • Identify the source of exposure and prioritise high risk areas
  • Ensures compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
  • Tailored risk reports. Review controls and assess effectiveness
  • GDPR compliant management of personal data

Credible evidence to assist noise defence claims

  • Personal instead of generic risk management
  • Real-time noise exposure monitoring
  • Octave band analysis aids selection of PPE

An eco-system of hardware and analytics that takes the guesswork out of NIHL prevention.

Apply Reactec Prevention Engineering thinking with adequate real world data to prioritise efforts to substitute or eliminate the most important risks.

Learn about our products

How it works

Reactec offers a range of noise dosebadges that can be integrated with the Reactec eco system to ease record management and reporting of noise measurements and monitoring.

Listen-through Technology

Smart Alert

Minuendo has developed a revolutionary ear plug called Smart Alert which not only provides protection from noise but also monitors the level of noise entering the ear. The Smart Alert Earplugs have listen-through technology, meaning you don’t have to remove your hearing protection in order to maintain situational awareness and the ability to communicate effectively with co-workers

Tough hardware

The Cirrus doseBadge5

A high performance noise dosimeter that allows you to make compliant occupational noise exposure measurements. With real-time octave band measurements this would be the essential choice when looking to characterise a noise environment in order to choose the most appropriate hearing protection.

The Pambry PED0828 Personal Noise Dose Meter

Another compliant offering to noise standards, the PED0828 is lightweight and well suited to all day every day monitoring.

Clever software

Both devices are IoT enabled meaning Reactec's RASOR devise can be used to allocate the devise to a worker personalising the gathered data. And to automatically transmit the data to the Reactec Analytics for consolidation and intelligent reporting. Gain an unprecedented perspective of workplace risk with Reactec's ability to overlay a range of workplace risk data.

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