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Manage your workplace risk environment with Reactec

When it comes to monitoring and managing risk in the workplace, you can think of R-Link as an access card that gets you into your modern Risk Management Command Centre, where insight is powered by sophisticated analytics and stored in an ultra-secure cloud environment.

In today’s competitive and fast-paced digital marketplace, it’s critical that teams across any organisation have a crystal clear understanding of their work environment. This is especially true in dynamic workplaces, like construction sites or manufacturing plants, where taking swift and decisive action is key to ensuring continued success, and worker safety.

With up-to-date access to information about trends and patterns, worker behaviours, and potential hotspots all in one single source of truth, teams can quickly uncover opportunities, maximise efficiencies, and move forward with confidence.

Breaking down data silos means better decision-making and improved health outcomes for workers

When important data is stored in disparate places and platforms, information silos develop. This is problematic because it inhibits data access, and slows the development of insight. In fact, “research shows that up to 68% of data is not analyzed in most organizations and up to 82% of enterprises are inhibited by data silos.” But more and more, companies are making the decision to break down data silos and view key information all in one place, adding critical context and making analysis easier.

"Up to 68% of data is not analyzed in most organizations and up to 82% of enterprises are inhibited by data silos.”

The same approach is highly effective when it comes to monitoring and managing risk in the workplace. By layering data about exposure to risk from a number of different sources, you start to gain a 360-degree view of your risk environment. And with this more complete picture at your fingertips, you’ll be empowered to make more accurate, more reliable decisions that are rooted in a more comprehensive understanding of your total risk landscape.

Such decisions might include improving or implementing controls, replacing or rotating tools, re-assigning teams, requiring training for certain workers, or taking steps to ensure that PPE is functioning properly and being used appropriately.

Naturally, more informed decision-making with regards to your risk environment is more likely to result in improved health outcomes for your team, and more economic security for your organisation.

Rejecting a modern approach to risk management comes at a cost

In recent years, with regards to HAVS alone, there has been an alarming rise in the amount of cases reported by the HSE: Between 2021 and 2022, the amount of cases rose by a staggering 375%. This rise in reported HAVS cases comes with a notable impact on employers, with several large fines being levied in recent months, including a fine for £120,000 against a manufacturing company; a £160,000 fine for a health board, and a £200,000 fine for a manufacturing and supply company.

In light of this landscape, it’s critical that employers put themselves in a position to truly take control of their risk environment. This starts with adopting solutions for workplace risk management that enable better, more reliable, and more accurate decision-making.

The current landscape for employers with regards to compensation for health and safety issues is caused in no small part by reliance on inaccurate, unreliable, and incomplete data regarding the amount of risk to which teams are exposed. Manual methods for tracking tool performance or worker behaviour are outdated and unreliable, and teams that haven’t yet evolved their approach beyond pen and paper continue to put their workers - and their bottom line - at risk.

A single source of truth that facilitates efficiency, productivity, and confidence

For teams looking for a better way to make decisions and manage their risk environment, it’s never been easier to adopt a more modern approach.

R-Link by Reactec is third-generation workplace wearable technology designed to help teams better manage their total risk environment. Currently HAV monitoring and proximity warning technology are built into the device itself, and geofencing, employee messaging, evacuation and mustering, and lone worker support are on the way. Plus, Reactec partners with industry leaders in noise and dust monitoring technology to bring crucial data about even more workplace hazards into the Reactec ecosystem. With a world of information available to teams via the same platform, Reactec offers a robust solution that’s proven to drive results.

R-Link is powered by Reactec’s one-of-a-kind Analytics. This ultra-secure platform automatically collects, analyses, and visualises data about your risk environment that Safety Managers or duty holders can easily access and understand. And because critical data is stored in the cloud - and not collected and processed manually - team members from any location or time zone can access up-to-date insights right when they need them. This means that your teams and organisation are all working from a single source of truth when making important decisions about the health and safety of your workforce.

And this style of decision making - which reduces the likelihood of miscommunication, and all but eliminates the errors that can result from manual record-keeping - increases speed-to-insight, boosting productivity and increasing efficiency.

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