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Protecting your organisation and your workforce starts with the right technology.

Technology isn’t an add on.

Connectivity is no longer optional when it comes to protecting your organisation and its workforce. Reactec has the technology to help forward-thinking organisations engineer risk right out of the workplace. It’s called Prevention Engineering and it’s a proven way to help your organisation anticipate issues before they become problems. The question isn’t whether your organisation will face future challenges. The question is whether you will be ready when it does.

What is prevention engineering and how does it help my business?

It’s an ecosystem of workplace wearables and cloud based analytics that help you take guesswork right out of the workplace. Reactec’s Workplace Wearables give you access to data that provides a clear understanding of risk in your workplace and helps you organise and manage your risk reduction controls and meet your HSE obligations.

Said simply: Reactec Analytics does the heavy lifting for you.

Our reports show you exactly where action is needed to design more effective risk reduction controls. Reactec does this by helping you gather and manage reliable, representative data that’s collected in real-time and easily accessed and distributed to help you understand your risk exposure and refine your processes.

Hand-Arm Vibration Management. Reactec’s core technology - HAVwear - is designed to help organisations implement and refine controls to effectively reduce risk exposure to Hand Arm Vibration (HAV), while also cutting costs and improving worker behaviour. HAVwear does this utilizing ground-breaking dual-method technology for calculating HAV risk exposure while delivering assessments, in compliance with HSE guidance.

Safe-Distance Technology. Reactec’s Safe-Distance technology was developed to support COVID-19 control measures, and includes sophisticated proximity detection to alert wearers and supervisors of any unsafe contact proximity. The device monitors workers’ physical distance and behaviours in real-time, and offers contact-trace analysis and reporting at your fingertips.

Intuitive Analytics. Reactec Analytics provide our customers with reliable, representative information that can be used to make their workplaces safer and more productive. The data provided by Reactec Analytics is easily circulated to all duty-holders, providing wide and uncomplicated access to crucial information that can help you deploy more effective controls and refine your processes.

Fully Integrated SaaS System. Reactec’s cloud-based analytics mean that your automatically generated reports are available to review whenever you’re ready. You can even schedule them to be delivered at a time that makes sense for your business. It’s a smart storage solution that leaves no digital footprint on your existing IT infrastructure, and all you need to access your data is a login and internet connection.

Can this help me protect my business?

Reactec provides organisations with HSE-compliant technology that’s easy to use and analytics that are straightforward to understand and easy to access.

Our core technologies have a proven track record of:

  • Helping You Reduce the Risk of Injury and Chronic Illness among your workforce.
  • Assisting With Managing Your Exposure to litigation and compliance infractions.
  • Facilitating Process Refinement to enhance efficiency and promote safety.

Technology is an essential component of staying safe, staying relevant, and improving your organisation.

Reactec’s technology makes it easy for you to move forward with more knowledge than ever before, faster than ever before. With the information you’ll get from reliable, representative data that’s easy to access, you’ll have the power to anticipate risks and implement controls before they become problems.

With the right technology from Reactec, you can go from doing damage control to being in control.

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