Reactec’s 2023 Round-up

A month-by-month look at our biggest year yet

A year in review at Reactec

As the year winds down, our team has reflected on some of the biggest, most exciting moments that we’ve experienced in 2023. From major product announcements and events, to new team members and exciting partnerships, here’s our 2023 Reactec Round-up:

January: We started the year strong. Carrying on the momentum from the launch of R-Link in 2022, we continued to make meaningful improvements and upgrades to our industry-defining workplace wearable technology, including refinements to our cutting-edge proximity detection functionality.

February: In February, we launched the R-Link Driver Watch. With this launch, we made it possible for teams to configure their kit for specific roles such as drivers, machine operators, or banksmen. This expanded functionality gave our customers more flexibility than ever before, enabling them to easily, quickly change their proximity warning parameters to reflect real-world working conditions.

March: March saw the release of even more expanded R-Link functionality, with the introduction of Safe Zones. With Safe Zone functionality, we made it possible for teams to sign in and out of a safe zone using an RFID tag. This gave teams even more control of when and where personnel are alerted (or not alerted) to moving vehicles or other hazards.

April/May: In Spring, the team exhibited at the Health and Safety Event in Birmingham and at the Safety & Health Expo in London, where we demonstrated R-Link’s multi-functionality. At both of the events, we highlighted how R-Link can help teams manage exposure to risk from vibration and dangerous proximity, as well as dust and noise. The events were a huge success for the team, and we’re already looking forward to attending again in 2024!

May: Also in May, we celebrated our longest-serving team member, Eleanor Bernard! Eleanor, our Finance Director & Company Secretary, has been with Reactec for a remarkable 17 years.

June: In June, we conducted a popular webinar on key considerations for companies adopting proximity warning systems. The webinar focused on the types of technologies available, and exactly how they can benefit teams.

July: With summer in full swing, we continued to deploy content on our dust monitoring technology, highlighting our impactful partnership with Trolex and their world-leading XD1+ personal dust monitor. Supported by Reactec’s cloud-based Analytics and ecosystem of workplace wearable technology, with live and GPS-tracked personal data, the XD1+ transforms how teams monitor their exposure to potentially dangerous sources of dust in the workplace.

August: In August we got the wonderful news that Reactec was selected as a finalist for the global Safety Innovation Challenge! The Challenge was created to establish new channels for leading tech companies to demonstrate their solutions to prospective customers and improve occupational health and safety outcomes. This year’s focus was on tackling Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders, and Reactec highlighted how R-Link can improve the ways that teams approach HAVS, a common musculoskeletal condition.

September: September saw the appointment of Gary Smith to the Reactec team! Gary is an expert in workplace risk prevention technology and joined us as our Senior Business Development Manager. We also began working with US-based Honsa Ergonomic Technologies, who are helping to bring Reactec’s R-Link technology to workers in the United States.

October: Throughout October, the team attended several events, exhibiting at the International A+A Trade Fair Conference in Dusseldorf, and the NSC Safety Congress & Expo in New Orleans. At the events, our team met with innovators from around Europe and North America to discuss how R-Link can help support teams across these continents.

November: In November, we focussed on noise monitoring technology and our partnership with Minuendo, which empowers teams to drill-down like never before to monitor and manage their exposure to occupational noise. Also in November, Maria Ferris, one of our Senior Business Development Managers, became a Certified Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) having successfully completed the NEBOSH diploma earlier in the year.

December: We rounded out 2023 with one of our biggest announcements of the year - our API Integration! Thus integration enables teams to effortlessly connect their Reactec Analytics with their Management Information Systems (MIS), promoting the creation of a single source of health and safety truth throughout their organisation.

Looking back, our team is proud of all that we accomplished in 2023. It was a year filled with exciting product updates, impactful events, new team members, and - most importantly - added value for the thousands of workers who rely upon our technology every single day.

The last 12 months will be tough to top, but 2024 promises to bring even more news and announcements from the team at Reactec, and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

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