NEW REPORT: The hidden threat of HAVS

Why industry needs to go above and beyond in the fight against Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)


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The report shines a light on the invisible threat of HAVS and the need for organisations to go above and beyond the guidance on regulations for HAVS risk. Inside, we’ll show you how Reactec’s technology works to reveal the hidden threat of HAVS, and the tools and knowledge it can give you to effectively manage your workforce safely.








The invisible threat of HAVS revealed in 8 stats.

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Hand arm vibration syndrome is a debilitating disorder caused by an over exposure to vibrations, typically when using handheld power tools. Often seen as a latent and invisible risk, the problem is more pertinent now than ever with figures on the rise.






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Lead Advisor for Amey and Hand Arm Vibration Guru - Colin Hogg MICE CMIOSH

“The HAVmeter system has been in use on several of our contracts throughout the UK for over 16 months and has made the capture of exposure data very easy and accurate, facilitating appropriate management of Hand Arm Vibration. The most significant improvement has been in the efficiency and ease with which we now report and monitor exposure to Hand Arm Vibration throughout the whole business. Accurate exposure reports can be generated in seconds giving us as much detail as we require both at contract and board level.”